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features and advantage:

(1), 15" or 17" LCD Touch Display Screen Ticket Dispenser, getting tickets by touch LCD display screen

(2). Optional feature: Inside Ticket Dispenser can assemble GSM/GPRS SMS MODEM for SMS reservation as per client's need or requirement.

(3). Multiple Ticket Dispenser can be connected together in one system for get tickets at same time.

(4), Wire or Wireless Communication

(5).Can connect with LCD TV or Plasma main display

(6). Suitable for multiple services, multiple queue(windows)

(7).With Sub-services menu by scroll pages,

(8).Programmable and changeable tickets, ticket No. can be started in letter such as "A0002","E8908"........

(9).Can display any country language on LED Counter Display/Main Display/ Tickets/ Ticket Dispenser......

(10).Can broadcast any country voices such as English/Chinese/French/Spanish/Ethiopian Ahmaric/ Arabic/Iran Farsi/.....

(11). Have plenty of queue report statistic and can server monitoring,viewing and printing

-service queue system


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